Daniel A. Capps
October 28, 2018

Daniel Allan Capps

July 31, 1989 – October 28, 2018

(A Note from Jenessa)

As a recap; On Wednesday, October 10th, 2018; most of you know I became Mrs. Daniel Allan Capps. 10 days later, on October 20th, 2018; I officially, on all legal documentation, became Mrs. Jenessa Marie Capps.

Who would have ever thought that forever would be severed by the sharp knife of such a short, unfulfilled lifetime together when a tragic accident, merely 8 days later, around 1am on Sunday, October 28th, 2018 changed everything?!

I quickly became a widow when they pronounced my BabyLove…my brand new husband dead in our new studio apartment after fighting for his life for 40 (what seemed like hours), minutes. My happily ever after ended so tragically & suddenly.

We will be holding services, but we don’t know when or where yet. Please stay updated on my Facebook page to see when his memorial will take place, as it will be updated at that time on here as well. His wishes if he passed so long before me was to be cremated, so that’s what we’re doing as a family.

Words can not express the emptiness and heartache in my soul. My spirit is shattered and mentally, I’m barely present. I’m hanging in there though as his next of kin to get through this week of services. My husband promised he’d wait for me at Heavens gates and if reversed, down here he’d never remarry. I made this same vow. I will be sticking to it as one of the youngest, quickest widows ever. I know he’d do the same. My devotion, loyalty and passion for our sacred marriage vows and promises will forever mean the most to me and the one thing left I have to hold onto.

Daniel is survived by myself, his wife, Mrs. Jenessa Capps, his mother, Mrs. Stacey Hall & stepfather, Mr. Raymond Hall, father, Allan Capps, sister, Lindsay Capps, his maternal grandparents, and a plethora of aunts, uncles, cousins and dearly loved and appreciated friends and associates throughout the community and beyond. Whether you knew Danny in passing, grew up with him, worked with him or were one of the lucky ones he called friend and especially family, then you knew he was one of the sweetest, friendliest, kindest people you could ever meet with an amazing heart and soul that truly shined through the light in his eyes. I was so fortunate to spend the time I had with him as his friend, best friend, lover turned soulmate, girlfriend turned fiancé and then wife, even if only his wife for such a short time. Now his extremely young widow, I’ll remain waiting for him as he waits for me.

With Love,

The Capps Family & Beyond

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