Jeffrey B. Landa
April 12, 1946 - September 19, 2018

Jeffrey B. Landa (April 12, 1946 – September 19, 2018) had a love of fine wine, humor, his grandchildren, politics (more of a love/hate with that one), and let’s not forget the ladies.

Jeff was quick with a joke and he was so smart, he could even outwit himself.  He was a lawyer, therefore consistently arguing.  He was a traveler, therefore consistently moving.  He threw a great party, therefore consistently partying.  He once invited a cab driver in for a beer, and the cab driver ended up taking a shower too- and of course he did, because that’s how Jeff was: inviting and fun and he could charm the white off the rice.

He loved to be on the water: boating, swimming, skiing; he wasn’t scared to play hard.  He claimed to hate the Minnesota Vikings, yet watched them religiously and gave them the endearing nickname The Queens.  He introduced his children to 50’s music and now his grandchildren even rock out to it.  He was not a good sport, he cheated at Sorry and backgammon on the regular.

Jeff gave excellent advice; such as: if a baby was crying, he’d say, “Pour hot coffee on that kid’s tongue,” and if you were ever wondering if you could swim from his lake house to Zorbaz, he’d say, “See what happens.”

Yes, he was up for a good time, but he was also solidly there for his family and friends, a true go-to person who loved his circle of people more than anything.  He was selfless and honest to a fault.  The world is now a little less funny, a bit less fun; and for those who loved him, it will be a bit less El Jefe-ed, less Jeff boyardee-ed… less magical in many ways.

Jeff will be sorely missed by his children and their families: his son, Eddie Landa, Eddie’s wife, Yvette, and their daughter Ella; his daughter Tracy Hall, Tracy’s husband, Matt, and their daughter Parker and their son Axl; his daughter Beth Lloyd and her daughter Peri and her son Jackson; and loads of cherished friends, some dating back to kindergarten.

Although we will all miss him, we’re comforted in knowing that he will be greeted by his loving parents, Marshall and Sallie Landa, as well as many other close family and friends.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in Jeff’s name:

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